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Welcome to Africa College of Technology (ACT). It is not by mistake that you have landed here. There are so many reasons for coming to the ACT, as you find out while you browse through our website. It gives us immense pleasure to have you as our guest for this auspicious time when we are trying to revolutionalise the learning environment and processes and ultimately the end goals of our generation. At the outset, we would like to congratulate you for a glorious task that you have done. That is choosing ACT as your alma-mater. You have chosen a great institution for your education, You have chosen the Best College in the region. During your time with us you will experience changes and begin to explore new perspectives.

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Why Africa College Of Technology?

We offer Leadership Opportunities

When you are applying for jobs or graduate programs, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Thus, it logically follows that you want to choose a Africa college because we will  provide opportunities for you to develop leadership skills.

We have State of art facilities.

  • Computer labs
  • Workshops

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We offer you quality qualifications and life time skill gain. Fill free to browse through and familiarise yourself with our qualifications and us. Compliments to you.

Social Development


Our focus is to produce a complete graduate who possesses conceptual, practical, as well as social skills. A complete education system should allow acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors.

Practical Courses

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We explore and impart aspects of lifelong learning that prepares individuals to be responsible citizens, for in-depth, practical decision-making situations that are capable of starting, growing, and managing a successful enterprises. Quality training that anticipates and reacts to the skills gaps in society.

Specialised Graduates


World-class artists who explore and interpret new perspectives and unique world challenge and opportunities and contexts of today. ACT is registered with the Department of Higher Education & Training as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 

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