Web Development



This course introduces intermediate to advanced web design techniques. Topics include customer expectations, advanced markup language, multimedia technologies, usability and accessibility practices, and techniques for the evaluation of web design. Upon completion, students should be able to employ advanced design techniques to create high impact and highly functional websites.
Course Hours per Week: Class, 2. Lab, 2. Semester Hours Credit, 3.

  Learning Outcomes

Upon completing requirements for this course, the student will be able to:

A. Create web pages using HTML5 and CSS following industry standard web design techniques.
B. Design web sites to meet strategic goals.
C. Create accessible and responsive web sites.



  • HTML5 and CSS 0/1

  • Foundations of Responsive Design 0/2

  • Creating Responsive Websites 0/3

  • Multi-Device Layout & Media Queries 0/5

  • Responsive Workflow 0/8

  • Responsive Design Features 0/3

  • Responsive Website Production 0/4