Policing Diploma







The purpose of this qualification is to obtain a nationally recognised qualification in the law enforcement environment and to uplift the professional standards of policing. It will improve relationships between employer and employees and organisation and client (community) and attract and retain quality employees.

Learners will be able to identify, assess, formulate and solve problems while performing tasks related to maintaining public order, prevention of crime, investigation of crime, combating crime and protection of people and property. The Unit Standards in this qualification will allow progression and mobility to obtain further managerial competencies. Elective standards will further allow for progression and a career path into specialist areas. The qualification will make provision for the movement of learners between different environments.

Learners will be able to implement strategies to assist personnel in the handling of stress and in having an in-depth understanding of motivation techniques. These learners will also be able to lead a team, apply management skills and delegate tasks.


 Course Outcomes

  • Training and Development (51 credits):
  • Resolving of Crime Investigation (34 credits):
  • Dog Handling (55 credits):
  • Forensics (39 credits):
  • Industrial Relations (40 credits):
  • Bomb Disposal (42 credits):
  • Protection Services (69 credits):
  • Career Management (42 credits):
  • Personnel Management (29 credits):
  • Supply Chain Management (46 credits):
  • Communication Services (45 credits):
  • Criminalistics (39 credits):
  • Hostage Negotiation (39 credits):
  • Border Control (46 credits):
  • Crime Intelligence 60 credits:

  Admission Requirements



  • This course includes the following: 0/15