This Qualification is for any individual who is, or wishes to be, involved in the Payroll Administration function in any organisation or business in any sector

The Core Component contains competencies in Payroll Administration, General Administration, Human Resources and Project Management.

The Elective Component allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of Payroll, Administration, Project Management, Human Resources and aspects of Financial Services.

  Admission Requirements

GRADE 10-12


 Course Outcomes

  • Process data using information technology
  • Plan, Organise, Implement and Monitor Work within the Payroll environment
  • Record and validate input variations on employee records
  • Ascertain Gross Pay
  • Read analyse and respond to a variety of texts
  • Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisation
  • Prepare salaries
  • Administer data, systems, payments and provide advice related to compensation
  • Determine individual and aggregate payments