Marketing Management


National N Diploma in Marketing Management

  Why choose this field

This qualification has been developed to enable learners who are particularly interested in Financial Management to develop competencies which will enable them either to study further or to be employed and be productive in the sector at entry level and/or second tier level. This qualification is aimed primarily at giving the learner technical, theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and workplace knowledge and skills required in Financial Management. The design of the qualification is such that it enables learners to progressively obtain the qualification by completing the related N4, N5 and N6 courses. The N4+N5+N6, regardless of the manner in which they are completed, must be followed by or integrated with the relevant 18 months of practical workplace learning for the learner to be awarded the National N Diploma, Level 6.

  Admission Requirements

Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate or relevant NATED N3 qualification.

  Career fields

Once you have completed Marketing Management N6 at Central Technical College, you will be equipped to apply for Career Positions in the following fields:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Agency
  • Advertising
  • Promotions

  On successful completion of the programme, you will receive a National Certification in Management studies.

  • NATIONAL N DIPLOMA (on completion of N4-N6 and 18 months in-service training).

All examinations are National Examinations, set and administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
Certificates and Diploma are conferred by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
All qualifications are nationally recognized by industry and Universities.


The programme duration is 2 years full time and tuition is face to face. Programmes are offered during the week on a full time basis. Minimum 2 Years + 18 Months in-service Training.

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